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  1. Senator Powder

    Bill S.07 Process of Constitutional Changes

    S. 07 1st CONGRESS To prevent unnecessary changes to the people's constitution IN THE SENATE May 24, 2019 Mr. Gourami (for himself) & Ms. Liv in support and introducing this bill to change the process of constitutional changes. A BILL Preventing the constitution from being changed without a...
  2. Senator Powder

    Bill S.06 - Governmental Conflict of Interest Protection

    S. 06 1st CONGRESS To protect the people from Congressional or Cabinet Conflict of Interest IN THE SENATE May 24, 2019 Mr.Gourami (for himself) and Ms. Liv (co-sponsoring and supporting) introduce this bill to permit protection from conflict of interest that government members of other nations...
  3. Senator Powder

    Bill S.04 - Congressional Voting Transparency

    S. 04 1st CONGRESS Extend the Federal Transparency Act to Congressional Bills & Votes IN THE SENATE May 23, 2019 Mr. Gourami(for himself, of Liberty Party - New Arc) submitting this bill as is to extend the Federal Transparency act. A BILL Allowing further transparency within New Arc for...
  4. Senator Powder

    Bill S.03 - War Prevention and Approval Act of 2019

    S. 03 1st CONGRESS To prevent New Arc from going into needless damaging wars without congressional approval. IN THE SENATE May 21, 2019 Mr. Gourami (for himself, of Liberty Party-New Arc) & Ms. Liv (of Liberty Party-New Arc) both representing this bill as it is submitted for Government...
  5. Senator Powder

    2 for 2 on getting bills passed!

    2 for 2 on getting bills passed!
  6. Senator Powder


    TITLE II--- Authority Reform Act (Sec. 001) This bill is to modify the police & authorities code to monitor, reduce, and prevent any possible police brutality on civilians. This bill will present a few solutions and preventative plans to prevent civilians from being harmed due to poorly trained...
  7. Senator Powder


    TITLE I--- FEDERAL TRANSPARENCY (Sec. 001) This bill amends the federal transparency code to allow citizens and higher in the government not excluding military executives such as General of the Army to access the audit logs of the server. A qualified individual must: (1) Have a valid passport...