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  1. President Sean

    Looking for people!

    We are still looking for people to join our nation on Discord. If you'd like to become a citizen, please contact Sean by forum or Discord Direct Messages. Also, we are mostly looking for House of Representatives as well. Run in our Discord if you are interested.
  2. President Sean

    Bill S.03 - War Prevention and Approval Act of 2019

    I approve this bill.
  3. President Sean

    Why We Love Guns

    Yes! Pewpew is right. lol
  4. President Sean


  5. President Sean

    Why We Love Guns

    2nd Amendment You have the right to keep and bear arms, this right shall not be infringed. =============================================================================== Guns are an incredibly hot topic with a raging debate, this post will be why we heavily support the right for civilians...
  6. President Sean

    Republic of New Arc Constituion & Bill of Rights

    Pre-Requisite The constitution of Republic of New Arc is a document that defines the branches of government, their roles, their terms, how they run and how they operate. Should they step outside of this limitation, punishments will be held accordingly. This also defines the rights of the...
  7. President Sean


    Hello all! Welcome to our new forum!