Republic of New Arc Constituion & Bill of Rights

President Sean

May 18, 2019
New Arc


The constitution of Republic of New Arc is a document that defines the branches of government, their roles, their terms, how they run and how they operate. Should they step outside of this limitation, punishments will be held accordingly. This also defines the rights of the individual of those who reside in Republic of New Arc, their rights shall not be infringed. For there to be a change to the constitution while there are members of Congress, they must hold a vote. The rights are split from the main constitution document (while they are apart of it, they are an addition), for the ease of visibility for the citizens to read and understand.

Article I

House of Representatives is a group of 5 people in which each state gets, they handle changes in the nation, an example being a bill for a new law to be added, regulation being voted in, and/or the removal of either listed before. A House member's vote is worth 1 vote.

Senators are 2 people on an individual state and their role is similar to the House, however, they're able to vote on a state's judge, the Founder's nominees (i.e. Supreme Court) and they vote for a bill to be vetoed or accepted that the House of Representatives passed onto them. A senator's vote is worth 3 votes.

The House of Representatives will be defined in a state as the rank of, "House", "HoR", "House of Representatives" and the Senators' rank will be either "Senate" or "Senator".

A Congressional member may not receive any authority privileges.

Congress is comprised of the Senate & House of Representatives

Article II

The court system of Republic of New Arc will consist of the Jury, the attorneys, the Supreme Court, and the individual. Each state has their own Jury when a case is presented (i.e. the player has been banned unconstitutionally), a lawyer will be assigned to that individiual, in which they will make a case for the player to be unbanned. Once a case is prepared for the individiual the Jury will then determine the outcome for the said individual.

Article III

States that are attached to Republic of New Arc are allowed to run their own way and have their own local government, and have their own local legislative system as long as they abide federal law and regulations.

States have the right to their own laws, they must follow the constitution or a case will be opened against them and reviewed by the Supreme Court to determine whether or not they are in violation of Republic of New Arc's constitution. Should they be deemed unconstitutional, they will be subject to the punishments of Article XIV.

The governor of a state is the executive of that said state.

Article IV

House of Representatives have a term limit of 1 year and Senators have term limits of 7 months on Republic of New Arc, after that the individiuals hold a vote on who will become their next House member. There are no term limits for the Supreme Court.

House of Representatives are voted in by individiuals.

A Senator is voted in by the individiuals.

A state's Jury has no term limit and they are voted in by Congress, they are expected to be unbiased at all times.

Article V

Should a member of Congress or the Court be accused of abuse, an action shall be taken in this manner:

If a member of Congress abuses, they will be reviewed and punished accordingly by the Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court is caught abusing with evidence beyond reasonable doubt, they will be terminated by the President of Republic of New Arc and they will be able to pick another candidate, in who will be voted in by Congress.

Article VI

When a term limit expires for a member of Congress, they will be able to run again for 1 more term. This is to prevent the lack of change and single opinion bias. Should there be nobody run for their position, their term may be extended by another month.

Article VII

Should a member of Congress be accused of abuse or corruption, a case will be opened for the Supreme Court to examine and lawyers will be assigned to investigate further. If there is to be evidence beyond unreasonable doubt, the member of Congress will immediately have their authority revoked completely, jailed for an extended period of time, and will be unable to get another government role in Republic of New Arc again.

Article VIII

Should the Jury be accused of corruption, the Supreme Court will open a case on said Jury and will investigate into the issue further. If the Jury is found guilty the Jury will be jailed for an extended period of time set by the Supreme Court and be unable to obtain any government role again.

Article IX

All state government/staff members must have an account on the forums for better management, more coordination, improved SEO, and for the better of Republic of New Arc. They are not required to be active, but it is heavily preferred.

Article X

Republic of New Arc States Shop will be a universal shop that all states connect to for a single interface that players can purchase items from. All transactions must be fulfilled by the governor if the automated store did not do it. If the player does not receive their item in a timely manner (less than 48 hours) and they choose to report it, then the server will be facing punishment under Article XIV.

If Republic of New Arc creates a product across the shop for all states to utilize it must first be voted in by the Senate, if there is no senate present then it will be voted in by the governors of each server.

Article XI

All purchases in Republic of New Arc will be taxed a rate determined by the state, this is to pay for much of the government of Republic of New Arc. This is referred to as sales tax.

Article XII

If a state is found passing unconstitutional rules, corruption, and/or frequent abuse they will be subject to punishments decided by the Supreme Court.

Doughtry will be president too.

Article XIII

All purchases done in Republic of New Arc will go to the Monetary Bank.

Article XIV

Should a state not have enough Congressional members, anybody who gets sworn into Congress will be moved into the Congress Reserves. This is to prevent one-sided votes from just a couple members of Congress.

Congress Reserve will move to the 'Congress Reserve' role in the government, their position in their state will remain the same.
When there is a full set of Congress Reserves (5 House, 2 Senate) then they will all be sworn in officially into Congress.

Article XV

Congress Reserve also serves as a backup for the primary Congressional members. If a House or Senator has to be away during a bill being voted on, they can choose somebody from the Congress Reserve of who is apart of the same party as they are, to fill their position until they are next available to vote for themselves.

If a Senator is unheard of and hasn't picked somebody to fill their spot from the Congress Reserve then the House can vote for a Congressional Reserve to fill that role to maintain balance in the voting.

If a House member is absent, then the other people/person on his party can vote in somebody to take his/her place in the Congress Reserve.

Article XVI

If a bill being presented is a change of Republic of New Arc on the federal level, it must first go through the all of the House of Representatives, then to the Senate and then to the President to accept or veto.

Article XVII

The president or his cabinet may not declare war or strike other nations without congressional approval (from the Senate and House of Representatives).



Bill of Rights

This document is an addition to the primary constitution of Republic of New Arc, it has been separated physically for visibility and ease of access to the individiuals. This document holds all the rights that the players and individuals have to protect themselves from the administration team of Republic of New Arc. Should their rights be abused, action will be taken immediately to preserve their liberties in our nationbv.

1st Amendment

You can not be punished by state or federal authority in any way on how you speak, what you say, or what you write unless if it is direct threats, or just a public disturbance on private property.

This protects your freedom of speech to the fullest extent.

2nd Amendment

You have the right to keep and bear arms, this right shall not be infringed.

This is to protect you from other people and your goverment.

3rd Amendment

If you are arrested unlawfully, you can request a trial in where you will be appointed a lawyer to look through all your logs, history, and evidence to prepare a case against the authority who punished you.

This is to give you a fair chance against our police by digging into logs this gives you a better chance especially if you have no evidence.

4th Amendment

Administrators are subject to no greater power than a normal player, if they are caught breaking rules or violating the constitution they will be punished fairly and immediately.

This is to prevent a corrupt hierarchy; to keep government and individiual better connected.

5th Amendment

Authorities can not punish you for being related to the accused (i.e. Your friend gets arrested for robbery, you can not be punished for being related to them)

This is to protect your own individual decisions; prevents you from being punished for the actions of others.

6th Amendment

You can not be tried twice for a crime you've been accused of previously. If you were accused of cheating previously and came out not guilty, then evidence later down the road comes up you can't be tried again on that same scenario.

This is to prevent you from being put in jeopardy twice, this is called Double Jeopardy.

7th Amendment

Your information shall not be distributed to any 3rd party nation and will be kept private and secure.

This is to protect your identity and right to privacy.

8th Amendment

Individiuals are not subject to excessive, unusual and cruel punishments.

This is to prevent permanent/long bans for small offenses.

9th Amendment

Punishments done by the jury or authorities shall not be done without due process, innocent until proven guilty.

This is to prevent punishments based on accusations.

10th Amendment

Authorities may not abuse their powers to gain any benefits in any Republic of New Arc state, should it be reported by individiuals a case will be opened up and reviewed by the Supreme Court.

This is to prevent authorities abuse in our nation as these offenses are taken seriously.

11th Amendment

You can not be denied from becoming a member of government due to your cultural background, race, sex with Dillion Harper, or religion. Your role is to enforce the law and do an exceptional job at it.

This is to give you a fair chance at being apart of Republic of New Arc's government, do an excellent job plus be qualified for your role and you'll get the spot.

12th Amendment

After a certain amount of time has passed you can no longer be punished/tried for something you've been accused of. After 2 years is the end of this period in which you can be tried unless if it is a major crime such as murder.

This is called Statue of Limitations, this is to protect you from accusations that you may not have evidence for anymore in the future.

13th Amendment

You as an individiual have the right to a speedy court case.

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