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May 20, 2019
Hello citizens of New Arc!

Thank you to everyone for joining the Republic of New Arc. There has been an influx of new citizens and lots of people running for various positions, so I thought I'd make this post to help anybody thinking about running. A campaign requires more than just stating some loose beliefs, and you need to prove to everyone voting that you will make a good fit for that position.

1. Stating your beliefs

An important part of your application should state what you believe in, and topics you are passionate about. Be specific about your view points so that voters can understand what is important to you as a candidate. Spare no detail, and expand on each topic as much as you can.

2. Action Plan

It is easy to state your beliefs and the problems you wish to fix, but you need to outline your plans to fix these issues. Having steps or a general idea on how you wish to remedy an issue you have outlined in your campaign will show voters you are equipped with the skills to handle situations and are capable of making plans on how to fulfill any promises you make.

3. Confidence

A great way of showing voters your capability to solve problems and push your beliefs is to use strong, confident wording in your campaign. Replacing words like "I believe" with, "I know" can show that you have a clear understanding of your view points and are confident in them. Charisma is a very important attribute to most politicians, and crucial to a good and successful campaign.

In conclusion, a campaign needs to be well rounded and thought out in order to be effective. Declaring your view points thoroughly will show you have an understanding of what you are talking about. Stating action plans and solutions to issues outlined in your campaign presents you as somebody who is well prepared and knowledgeable enough to remedy problems and situations that may arise.

If you have any more questions or queries on how to write a good campaign, feel free to message me on the forums or on discord
@Sen. Liv (LP-NA).
Good luck!

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